In response to a question on how to remove all videos from your Watch Later playlist on Reddit I posted this up. Thought it may (theoretically of course, read on) help you folk out too!

Firstly, navigate to your Watch Later page

Disclaimer: You really shouldn’t run random code provided by randoms on the internet. You should probably never open your browser’s console unless you know why you’re doing it. I take no responsibility if this doesn’t work, etc, etc.

If you understand [...]

Heya folk. I was a bit torn on releasing this one to be honest – be kind!

Unfortunately due to various time constraints, hospital visits, nerdy things like “ooh my hip hurts” and “ahh my asthma’s playing up so I can’t breathe” I couldn’t get it edited to the best quality in the world

Next Lootcrate theme has been announced – No real surprises it’s a spooky/horror/fear theme in October! We’ll of course be doing an unboxing video as well as various other spooky Halloweeny stuff no doubt!


This month is all about the spooky, creepy and scary parts of your favorite geek & gaming franchises. October’s crate will be packed with scare-iffic coolness, including exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s not all: Anticipate the return of a t-shirt to join several [...]