Sometimes during recording the pure joy of just being alive gets to us and this sort of thing happens. Now that we have a GoPro it gets recorded. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not

Playing with helmets, figurines and grenades – it’s gotta be the Battle crate!

Our heroes dig into this month’s lootcrate to discover the treasures inside. The jokes made are somewhat on the childish adult side so remember kids – you’re not welcome here.. I mean don’t watch this one video in particular.


Our heroes progress onwards and upwards in the world, fighting bad guys, good guys and each other!

Join them in their epic quest of epicness and find the answer to life, the universe and everything. In this episode our heros begin Chapter 4: A new hope!

Chattin’ Bull for the month is here! Yaaay! In this episode we discuss old people, famous internet encounters, inhalers having things in them and choking on beef flaps. Funny ensues as we generally discuss our sad, sad lives

Emily also has some big news that is awesome, sad and more awesome and more sad but mostly awesome

In this week’s Chomp we’re a bit looser on the outtakes.. it was a bit of a slow news week this one

We have a clapperboard now that definitely doesn’t sound like someone cutting their toenails or anything