South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Britain, the birthplace of humour

Posted by - 26th February 2014

Surely this has to be a first, something censored in the UK but not censored in the USA? I can’t recall any other time it has happened off the top of my head anyway! So apparently the UK joins the ranks of ridiculous censorship alongside Australia, the Middle East and the rest of the sensitive

Xbox One Twitch streaming is on its way… finally!

Posted by - 25th February 2014

It looks like Microsoft finally wrenched their finger out and have announced[1] that the Xbox One will be able to stream in about a month’s time! Bout time too! The update is said to be coming next month with a bunch of extra features to butter your rolls. It looks like Xbox One Twitch streaming

Watch out for the Flappy Bird scammers

Posted by - 21st February 2014

Just a quick one really. It looks like (and was to be expected, to be fair) that there’s a few malicious apps and whatnot in the wild that are taking advantage of the huge Flappy Bird following. As a summary as you might expect. The games are likely to be aimed at appearing high in

The Universim – Planetary management from the stone age

Posted by - 18th February 2014

I do love a good simulation slash strategy game! Found a brilliant concept of a game in early development by the name The Universim by the indie dev studio Crytivo Games The Universim Your planet starts life in the stone age. You’ll make decisions that sculpt your civilization until you’re ready to go and explore

Video Games and Nostalgia

Posted by - 3rd February 2014

Video games conjure a startling power when it comes to certain events in your life. I, for one, remember waking up each birthday with an unadulterated excitement to receive what I knew would be the video game I had asked for. In the instance I am recalling it was Banjo Kazooie for the Nintendo 64,