Doubleagent hits level 90 as a neutral Pandarian

Posted by - 22nd June 2014

Yes. This is full of nerd. Yes, it’s about World of Warcraft. Yes it’s totally a fluff piece Before Beta started, i heard about Pandaren being neutral until level 10. I, naurally, was curious if there was mining/herbalism nodes there knew it would likely be possible to exceed that number. — Doubleagent

That’s still a spoiler, dagnabbit!

Posted by - 16th June 2014

You’re still ruining it for everyone! You’re bad and you should feel bad. That was a tad over the top but the post you’ve put up is still a spoiler! There are more types of spoilers than your standard “Big Reveal” that end up ruining the film, game or episode you’re posting about! The Big

Rik Mayall’s passing really f**king sucks.

Posted by - 9th June 2014

Britain and indeed the world has lost one of the best men of comedy today. The first thoughts that come to mind are those of a happy childhood, back when my parents were together and we had a bit of a TV night. Usually it was when mom was off competing in a horse or

E3 streaming times on Twitch in BST (GMT+1)!

Posted by - 3rd June 2014

Just in case you guys are as interested as I am, here’s the E3 streaming times on Twitch, converted to BST (GMT+1) for us limey Brits out there! Europe you should be cool too, probs just an an hour or so to our times! Plenty of late nights ahead of us! Highlights Microsoft will host