Hey there! I see you’re wanting to know who the bleedin ‘eck we are? Well good news there friend, you’ve arrived at the right page!

As a group we’ve been friends for, well, ages now. The majority of us met during the crossover from high school to college back in 2004! My gods that’s almost 10 years (unless I forget to update this page at the end of the 2014, then my gods it’s over 10 years!)


The Ribbas

The Ribbas have been something we’ve thrown around since probably 2006 or so in the form of “Harris and The Ribbas”, a non-existent band that we were in. Our first actual use of the name Ribba was during the MSN days where we all changed our account name to be on the ribba.org domain. We were so damn cool.

Cohan “Coorbo” Robinson

Cohan "Coorbo" Robinson
Pimpin’ aint easy

Well now, that’d be me! Frequently plagued with having to repeat my name and then spell it out I’m a 25 year old IT technician by day – Which helps really as it means we don’t have to pay anyone to do our website. So there’s that!

My gaming career only really started a couple of years back in all honesty, having previously been plagued with never having the hardware to keep up with everyone. Now that I’m all growed up though I’ve gone and splashed out, grabbing a computer that can actually handle playing games for more than 5 minutes at a time

My preferred genre of game is real time strategy. I completely suck at them don’t get me wrong, but I don’t half prefer controlling masses of units over just one single dude!

All-time favorite game: Total Annihilation


Adam “Tiprun” Fox

The most G rated naturist

Now here’s a guy who knows his gaming, Fox has been gaming for possibly longer than his 25 years on this world. In real life he works tirelessly getting parcels picked and shipped in a warehouse.

With a wide and varied range of gaming loves, Fox brings a wealth of experience from your old-school retro classics right up to the modern day. Notable series’ include the Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Not afraid of the more social side of gaming, he’s clocked in at over a year of in-game, at the keyboard, actually playing play time in World of Warcraft.

Also known in-group as a recovering achievement whore, Fox reports that his rehabilitation is going well and he no longer needs someone to ding a bell every 10,000 hours of irl play time.

All time favorite game: Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask


Beth “Misukiko” Dale

Beth "Misukiko" Dale
No, you’re a towel!

Another of our group who may opted to have a portable console in the womb were they invented at the time, Beth is a 25 year old health care worker and former DJ towel with a very strong background in everything gaming.

Starting her gaming career with the age-old classic Superfrog she’s since gone on to play and own most of the consoles out there playing games ranging from your brain teasery puzzler types to the latest and greatest in MMORPGs.

Personally speaking I generally go to Beth when I have any gaming questions starting “What was that game where ..”

She’s currently having a great time playing a mix of Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft and Batman Arkham Origins as well as a generous handful of hidden object games. In the past has been known to disappear for months and possibly years at a time into the Final Fantasy world (VII being the favorite, although it did take her about 5 minutes to answer when I asked)

All time favorite game: “You can’t ask me to pick my favorite game Cohan, that’s just mean. It’s not possible to decide on just one.”

Emily “Sakurastar” Thompson

The only time plumbers sleep on the job is when we’re working by the hour.

Emily has been playing games from a young age playing Duck Hunt on the NES. She from there grew up with the SNES, rocking out the role playing games – they have since grown to consume her life after evolving on to the massively multiplayer online flavours.

As I’m typing this out she’s listing far too many consoles for me to keep up with. Pretty much all of them though along the Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox lines. Most recently she’s been bitten by the PC bug, the first major game on PC being Skyrim, where she can be found glitching the world in hilarious ways. Her favorite types of games are Fantasy, FPS and RTS games, however she’s more often than not willing to give any new ones a try!

There is a dark side however, Emily’s recently had to stop playing League of Legends due to a severe case of nerd rage. This is most commonly observed when playing FPS games such as Titanfall and Call of Duty.

All time favorite game: “Can I at least pick one for each platform?”



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