Chattin Bull Podcast – Episode 17 – Fetch me the tears of a tamed nerd!

We don’t swear in this one! It’s like a whole new podcast!

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In this episode:
– Tumbling (jdrama)
– Harvest Moon
– Game of Thrones
– The Walking Dead
– Chrono Trigger
– Breath of Fire
– Amazon Fire TV Console
– Goosebumps
– Eerie, Indiana
– A Town Called Eureka
– The Notebook
– Sugar Rush
– Tearjerker films and a challenge to you, viewer!

Stafford Games
Unit 5 Leons Way
Tollgate Drive
ST16 3HT


[email protected]

Opening Hours
Wednesday – 12pm-5pm & 7pm-11pm
Thursday – 12pm-5pm & 7pm-11pm
Friday – 12pm-5pm
Saturday – 11am-5pm
Sunday – Available for private hire for big games, tournaments etc
games from 40k to fantasy to flames of war and magic the gathering


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