Chattin Bull Podcast – Episode 28 – Fish Ball soup

Cohan’s not here! The world does not end as expected (only Cohan expected it, because his ego is undeservedly inflated. I hate that guy.)

In this episode:

– Gaming
— Magicka
— Hearthstone
— Xbox 360: 3D compatible games
— Garry’s Mod
— Grand Theft Auto 5
— Secret of Evermore
— Final Fantasy

– TV & Film
— The Living Dead 3D
— Sharknado
— Zombeavers
— Mr Bean
— True Blood
— Stephen King
— Pet Cemetary
— Studio Ghibli

– Other
— Rolf Harris
— Addictive collectibles
— Emily singing
— Stinky Bitch Syndrome
— Cohan’s Corner

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