Chattin Bull Podcast – Episode 37 – Like, it’s most bodacious!

Eyyy! We’re back for another Chattin’ Bull! We’re back in the living room while some such goes on at the office – it’s all craaazy up in here

Please do forgive our lack of notice on this one (we did actually record a video where we mention the change but I seem to have misplaced it.. Oops)

So yeah, for the time being we’re making Chattin’ Bull a monthly thing with the occasional extra one now and then. Basically we run out of time doing the rest of the things we do and to be honest.. Chattin Bull doesn’t get the best watch rate in the world due to its length!

Please do let us know which videos you the most by flipping them the thumbs up, that way we’ll know which ones to prioritize should the time get tight!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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