Chattin Bull Podcast – Episode 39 – Public Transport!

Fox and Cohan take a look at public transport. Invented when Satan was bored this one time we suspect.

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Featuring Buses, Trains and the London Underground!

Insider story

Fox’s bus journey home from recording this was chaos. His app dealy said the bus had been diverted due to roadworks and almost missed it trying to get to the stop it was supposed to be at. Ended up going to the normal stop and praying it was still serviced even though the app said it wasn’t – It was. Supposedly it also missed out his usual stop – It did not. Amazing.

Do you had any exceptionally funny or chaotic public transport stories? Send them in to [email protected] and we’ll give them a read on a future followup episode!

Another insider story

The “These Things We Know” series has been merged in with Chattin’ Bull for now at least while we decide how and what we’re going to do as a whole with Emily being 6,000 miles away now. So for the near future at least TTWK is on (permanent?) hold as it has been merged with CBULL. Please do let us know if you’ve got any suggestions or comments on this! Usual email address, [email protected]



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