Doubleagent hits level 90 as a neutral Pandarian

Yes. This is full of nerd. Yes, it’s about World of Warcraft. Yes it’s totally a fluff piece

Before Beta started, i heard about Pandaren being neutral until level 10. I, naurally, was curious if there was mining/herbalism nodes there knew it would likely be possible to exceed that number.

— Doubleagent

Just to fill the gap here in World of Warcraft when playing as a neutral Pandarian race at about level 10 you leave your neutral-ness aside and decide whether to pick your side of Alliance or Horde. If you don’t pick a side the game is pretty much un-playable. Pretty much.

Doubleagent decides to go against the grain and preferred to stay neutral, picking neither of the two sides. This severely stunted his ability to level up, the only option being to mine ores and pick flowers to gain XP at a gruelling ~30XP at a time.

One hundred and seventy three and a half days later Doubleagent hits the (current) level cap of 90.



Doubleagent answered some questions that have been asked during the process.

How long have you been working on this?

Off and on since September 2012. I’ve never ran out of rested experience since about level 55 (Can’t level fast enough to catch up to it) When I hit 90 the rested experience will have run out, but I don’t predict it being a problem in Warlords either.

What is your /played?

173.5 days on Doubleagent alone, which is about half of my mains /played. I spent A LOT of time farming Bloodsail before Cata to exalted as well as a lot of time on Arathi Basin rep on my main which is why my main has more time in comparison to Doubleagent (Granted my main has been around a few more years too)

Why not use the Level 90 free boost or purchased boost for 60 dollars?

Boosting a Pandaren requires you to choose a faction, both a low level one as well as a High Level one. Which also of course transports you off the isle.

Why did you do this?

Thought about doing this when I heard about Pandaren being neutral until level 10. Knowing that herbalism and mining nodes gave experience, I figured if the zone had any of them it would probably be possible to level higher than intended. And when I did finally start, one of my friends thoguht I’d reach some kind of cap on the isle and that I wouldn’t reach 90… So it kind of encouraged me to continue even moreso than before.

How do you level up?

Picking herbs, mining, and quests. Initially there was also mob kills, zone quests, and possibly exploration, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten any experience from that.

How much experience per node?

Starting at around level 29 or so the experience for these nodes stay the same all the way to 90. Provided you have rested experience the figures are:
Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Copper – 20 experience
Earthroot – 30 experience
Of course if you’re not rested the experience value is half of that. But once I got to the higher levels, running out of rested experience wasn’t an issue. Though while I was

Why did you pick shaman?

Mostly for ghost wolf’s 30% speed boost, wanted to level a warlock initially for the free mount at level 20, but both classes that get free riding training at 20 are not eligible to be Pandaren.

So you can’t use any mounts?

Only the ones that require no riding training, like the Sea Turtle, TCG Turtle, and possibly Poseidus (Haven’t acquired it yet).

How do you have such and such achievement on your armory?

Achievements are account-wide and most of them are from other characters on my account.

Speaking of achievements what is with “Completed step of achievement Bushels and Bushels” and other weird things?

It shows up pretty much everytime I pick a herb on the isle and log off as long as armory updates… The amount picked is actually much higher than this as this first popped up about a year ago on my armory. Haven’t been able to get one to show up for mining for some reason, must be glitchy. The Northerend dungeon ones show in my feed for some reason a lot of the time if I run them on my alt. At the time I was farming Frostweave on one of my tailors, I could probably get it to show up again if I ran another dungeon on them.

Whats with the titles showing up in your videos?

Some titles are available at level 1, while certain ones unlock at level 80, 85, and 90. Being neutral you do not get access to any titles that are faction specific. So when I hit Level 90 there will likely be more titles that unlock.

Any gear you trying to get? Why is your gear so bad?

Santa Hat, only lootable off humanoid mobs during Winter Veil. Hard to come by as you cannot queue for dungeons and get it that way.
As for my gear, it’s pretty much Best in Slot for the Wandering Isle. Until the Heirloom tab is available I doubt I’ll have anything better.

What bags are you using?

8 slot bags, largest ones on the isle. Can’t use vendor mount to buy 14 slot bags, nor can I mail myself bigger ones due to there being no mailbox.

Why did you drop inscription?

Mostly because there was no minor shaman glyphs that I could learn through research that were craftable with the mats available on the isle.

How much gold do you have? What are you doing with it?

At about 16,500 gold at the moment. Used to make more when I had inscription to vendor Moonglow ink stacks. I joke all the time on the isle about waiting for the Riding Trainer to respawn and buying some Riding Training.

What do you do with your herb/ore?

Vendor them all. There is no mailbox or auction house on the isle. Nor do I have access to personal bank or guild storage.

Any way off the isle?

Nope, monks can’t Zen Pilgrimage, Inscription Scroll of Recall will not port you, and Mages need to learn their teleports and portals from a Portal Trainer in which there isn’t one. You cannot queue for any dungeons and leave via that method either or R-a-F summoning, party breaks when one person leaves the isle and you can’t group to use that option.
If you try to swim off the isle you get ported back, and there are also invisible barriers at the end the water.

No Dungeons? What about PvP?

Can’t do any PvP content since you are neither Alliance or Horde. I cannot group with either.

Did you get bloodlust or heroism?

As of now, still don’t have either spell, most likely due to them being faction specific, like faction specific titles and mounts that I do not have access to.

Why do you have so many deaths in the starter zone?

Most, if not all, were on purpose. Once you’ve quested too far it is impossible to get to the western half of the isle without dying as the tornado in the Temple of Five Dawns will no longer spawn to take you up there. Thus making your options to get up there limited. I’ve found ways to get up there including dying from fatigue as well as drowning near the area. Best options to get up there for higher levels as being killed by mobs would be almost impossible.

Since there are no inns on the Western side, you cannot save your progress up there.

Any other ways for experience?

While you can do Archaeology on other parts of Azeroth, there is no trainer on the isle to train it, so even if there were digsites [which I highly doubt] you wouldn’t be able to dig.

Isn’t this BORING?

At times I can find it relaxing, a change from the normal. Plus it’s pretty easy to do when I have TV shows or movies that I need to catch up on, moreso than trying to do that during a battleground or raid.


What will you do when you hit 90?

I won’t be picking a faction. I do intend to level to 100 come the next expansion. If for some reason I cannot level any higher, I will park Doubleagent there forever at 90.



Full discussion and more information over at the forum!

When it’s processed there’ll be a video over on YouTube on Johnnie W‘s (Doubleagent’s) channel


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