Final beta of The Elder Scrolls Online this weekend!

The final beta test of ElderScrolls Online is happening this weekend between Friday, March 14th through Sunday, March 16th

The best part of course is that the NDA has been lifted and videos, screenshots, live streams and audio clips of you breathing heavily while playing can now all be posted! Good times!

The Elder Scrolls Online: My thoughts so far

Please bear in mind this is all based on the beta stage it was at last time it was open. Things can change and they can change fast. There’s talk all over the web about how fast they’re making changes based on feedback from the betas, so that’s pretty darned good!

As a not-very-far-into Skyrim player I’m not too knowledgeable on the game mechanics, so I got completely lost when it came to finding out where I need to go, any seasoned player would of course know that there’s arrows up top on the compass to guide you but I felt it was lacking somewhat from the new player perspective on the old introduction to the game. In places it was a bit tedious, running back and forth between locations to complete quests, at least in the very beginning

Oh and when it came to mobs, good lord do they spawn fast! I could barely double back without the thing I just killed having returned to his post! Aside from the negatives, it seemed a rather interesting game to get a hold of. Only time will tell if it warrants the monthly fee on top of the initial purchase (Probably not, for me anyway, you’d have to do something AWESOME for that to be the case).


Opinions from people that matter

A few of the more thoughtful comments on this from the official Facebook page

I can’t personally remember an MMO that launched with this much effort being put in 18 days before launch. I think they deserve a huge amount of praise for what they are doing. Hopefully they can all take a few days off in April cause I know that nobody at Zenimax is kicked back with their feet up right now. — Daniel Trask @ Facebook

Those of you who keep bitching about it not being a multiplayer skyrim then maybe you should go back go skyrim and wait for the next single player game.  — Leigh Warren Hughes @ Facebook

I have yet to see a game developer respond so beautifully, concisely, and enthusiastically to player feedback. I can’t WAIT to give you guys my subscription dollars. — Rodney McNeely @ Facebook

Final thoughts

The most important reason to participate this weekend

Participants this weekend will also unlock an exclusive monkey vanity pet for PC/Mac that will be available at launch.

Yay, monkey!

Side note: Greenman Gaming are doing a 2-for-1 beta keys for the final weekend if you buy through them. Play with a friend n whatnot.
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