Hobo Chromecast: Control YouTube on your computer with YouTube on your phone

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Hey people as lazy as I am with a computer controlling your TV viewings.

Just thought I’d share a little tidbit of information I found out at some point over the last few years. Here’s how you control YouTube in the browser with your mobile device like you would Xbox One, PS4, etc!


  • then Sign in & Settings


  • then Pair device


Grab the displayed number and leave your browser as it is

  • Launch the YouTube iOS, Android or mobile web app (m.youtube.com).
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Connected TVs. (On Android, you’ll need to select Add a TV after this step.)


  • Enter the pairing code from earlier



  • Go find a video or playlist or whatever on YouTube you want to watch on the TV
  • Touch or click the Send to TV icon to select the display on which your video will play




  • Play your favourite Ribbalicious video




  • Grab a beer, grab some snacks, get fat son. You never have to move again!



Keep on lazin’¹



¹ Sorry Fox I broke your catchphrase here. That’s my bad chief


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