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Let’s Play Cute Things Dying Violently!

Posted on Oct 4, 2015 by in Video | 0 comments

Cute Things Dying Violently is an easy to learn hard to master. In this we have to flick critters every which way to get them to their elevator out of here!

From Steam “Hey kids! Do you like failure? Are you suspicious of success? Do you smile at the thought of “accidental” electrocution? Then boy have we got the game for you!”

Cute Things Dying Violently personally reminds me heavily of the game World of Goo. If you liked that game you’ll probably enjoy this one too! In a similar fashion you have to figure out the best way to get your critters from where they be to where they be going.

You can of course take the easy way out and get just a single critter home, but where’s the challenge in that? Have you been able to get a perfect score for every level yet? 🙂

Cute Things Dying Violently can be grabbed for £1.99* on Steam!

* At the time of upload. This may of course change by the time you read this!

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