In simple terms – we’ll never sell your data to any third parties. Any data we store when you access the site is for analytical purposes to determine what is and isn’t popular for future consideration

There are 3 places where you can pass extra details to us – In all cases your data will never be sold or passed on to third parties. These places are:

This website

If you register on this website (or any associated forums) we’ll only use that information to authenticate you. You are not signed up to any mail lists unless you opt-in to our general mailling list. You can also subscribe to comment threads when you leave a comment yourself, this is only used to let you know when a new comment or response has been posted, nothing more

Giveaways / Contests

We also from time to time run giveaways or contests. When you enter these there’s an option to subscribe to a mail list – This list is only used to let you know of future giveaways or contests, nothing more

Ribbalicious Announce

The announce list is our general announce list and is only used to send information on huge news from ourselves or websites relating to Ribbalicious


For any further clarification on your data within Ribbalicious please do feel free to contact us! We’re a very transparent bunch when it comes to such things 🙂

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