Less than a week now champs! Don’t forget enter for the £10 in steam credit draw!

Posted by - 25th September 2014

Alright buds? First a reminder that there’s less than a week before we draw the winner of the £10 in steam credit! Remember you can enter here: http://ribba.in/draw1   Secondly, what other sort of stuff would you like to see in these draws? Game codes, physical merch, more steam codes? Please do let us know, we’d rather

Our first giveaway! Enter for a chance at a £10 Steam wallet code!

Posted by - 23rd September 2014

So in the office recently we’ve been discussing where to go next and one of the things is to  give things away! I’ve discovered this ere site gleam.io and to give it a test nipped down to the local GAME (other game related stores are available) and grabbed a £10 Steam wallet voucher

Are your Steam downloads slow? Fixit fixit fixit!

Posted by - 5th September 2014

Well colour my face egg-white. I was complaining a bunch about Steam downloading slowly and it turns out there’s an easy fix if it’s on  Steam’s end and not your own. Now I’m guessing everyone and their dog knows how to solve this but in case you don’t know I thought I’d chuck up a little thing