The Universim – Planetary management from the stone age

I do love a good simulation slash strategy game! Found a brilliant concept of a game in early development by the name The Universim by the indie dev studio Crytivo Games

The Universim

Your planet starts life in the stone age. You’ll make decisions that sculpt your civilization until you’re ready to go and explore the big wide universe. Do you spend resources on research to see what’s on your nearby neighbouring planet or do you just go in blind and hope for the best? Your call!

The Universim early concept art

I’ll definitely be keeping up with this game and of course will post any major new information as it comes about!

If you’d like to keep an eye on it too head on over to The Universim for the latest as well as links to their various social media. Or if you’re a reddit lurker like myself, I found out about the game over at /r/theuniversim!

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