The Weekly Chomp – #000 – The Weekly Chomp – 4th Aug 2014 – Initialize the munchies

The Weekly Chomp! Get your gaming news in a tasty bigger-than-bite-sized video!

[ Please do note this is the first video. There are issues and fixes to be made, if you have any suggestions please do email us at [email protected] or mention them in the comments! ]

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In this episode we discuss the following topics:

– Nintendo’s new QOL devices
– Hyrule Warriors

– The Sims 2 free pack and the included DRM
– The Sims 4 PC specs released
– The Sims 4 Premium / DLC

– Oculus Rift and DK2
– Virtual Reality in general
– Horror games in Virtual Reality

and that’s your lot!


Music by Kevin MacLeod of

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