The Weekly Chomp – #001 – The Weekly Chomp – 11th Aug 2014 – Definitive Edition

The Weekly Chomp! Get your gaming news in a tasty bigger-than-bite-sized video!

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In this episode we discuss the following topics:

– Bioshock original coming to iPhone/iPad
– Resident Evil HD remake
– Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – Trailer:

– A rant about definitive editions, HD editions, HD remaster editions and collectors editions
– Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf – Trailer:
– World of Warcraft 10 year anniversary

– Warhammer 40k Armageddon beta sign up open
– closed down –
– An hour of gaming each day is beneficial for children

– Bonus: Gamers hearing noises from games when they’re not playing them

and that’s your lot!


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