Tiny tiny RSS demo site

While looking for replacements for Google reader, which is due to be retired soon, one of the most promising options seems to be tiny tiny rss. The only problem I’ve found so far is that there’s no demo site for it, even those that I did find don’t seem to be installed/enabled any more..

So for anyone else who is stuck and wants a quick demo of tiny tiny rss before deciding whether to use it full time I’ve installed it at http://tinytinyrss.icnerd.com/ – You can register a new account (or use demo/demo if it’s not been changed) on there and test away, but I wouldn’t go as far as relying on it as your Google Reader replacement at that url – it’d definitely be a better idea to install your own!

It’ll stay there as long as I can possibly keep it there, should it be broken or erroring please let me know via the contact form and I’ll get it fixed/reinstalled

Update: I’ve also installed a ttrss demo mobile frontend from https://github.com/mboinet/ttrss-mobile. Register an account using the main site then you’ll be able to log into mobile

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