Wait, what? This website still exists? Where you been?

It’s been a while! Just over a year even, damn. So where have we been, have we given up on everything Ribbalicious? Are we just so vast of slug-like nerds we just forgot to do anything? Generally fizzled out of it all? All of the above? Yeah sort of aye.

I say sort of because while we unofficially gave up on doing things Ribbalicious it was to try a few other things (which also failed lmao) – I’m going to try to get the gang back together and get some sort of content flowing again. In the meantime just to get into this streaming thing that everyone and their dog is doing right now though I’m going to try out a bit of live coding on Thursdays. You fancy hearing a nerd waffle on about some nerd stuff while typing code? Come on down!

It’s gonna be hosted on Twitch, on the Ribbalicious channel. Check out the details of this and other future live streams over on the Ribbalicious Twitch event page


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