Watch out for the Flappy Bird scammers

Just a quick one really. It looks like (and was to be expected, to be fair) that there’s a few malicious apps and whatnot in the wild that are taking advantage of the huge Flappy Bird following.

As a summary as you might expect.

The games are likely to be aimed at appearing high in searches so they’ll have names along the line of Crazy Bird, Clumsy Bird, Flappy Frog, Flappy Potato, etc. There’ll probably be a few trying to target along the lines of Flappy Angry Birds etc too. Just keep an eye out for them, as the original was taken down chances are you’re more likely to find one of these dodgy apps than the real deal.

Failing that if you really can’t be without your flying potato with lips (Cheers for this description Ed) just watch out for any mobile games that require SMS/text message permissions. In the era of in-app purchases there’s absolutely no reason for a game to require access to text message functionality.

Of course also remember that any free games are making their money somewhere. Usually it’s the adverts within the game, but if it’s free and it has no adverts chances are you’re what’s being sold – Personal information and whatnot collected from your phone.

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