Welcome back to the show!

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Welcome back to the show!

In this episode we have a bit of a banter and a bit of a waffle about

A bit of a catchup amongst the hosts after not doing one of these for a year and a half
Emily’s fireworks and Yukata
Creepers in Japan
Apartments in Japan
Vaping and quitting smoking
Emily’s hair and hair dye shenanigans
Reminiscing about being emo kids and Neil from The Young Ones
Emily has no friends and is poor
Emily goes on holiday to Korea
Neckbeards in Japan
Teaching American style English in Japan
Emily tried to use Tinder to stop being a cat lady
Carrying a picture of the Queen
The Royal Baby goes to school and nobody cares
Reference: CGP Grey’s video The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained
Em’s visit to Seoul continued
Fox goes to Malaysia
Karaoke in Japan
Future plans for Chattin Bull
Rafting in Japan
Emily says she had a ball in her neck, Fox doesn’t make the joke, then does
Talkin bout TV – Black Mirror, Game of Thrones
People and their damn spoilers.
Castlevania and other animus
K-Dramas, J-Dramas and all that bollocks
Emily says anime weird now. Aniume.
Emily’s maybe passive aggressive neighbours and also isn’t allowed pets
Who the worst neighbour would be
Emily’s in a band now apparently

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