Xbox One hits its first wave of issues – Broken disc drive

As pretty much everyone knows by now the Xbox One has started making its way into peoples’ homes all around the world (ok not all round, sucks to be you if you’re not in the big 13 I guess)

Unfortunately the old saying “Never buy first edition” seems like it may be proving itself again with reports of the disc tray in the Xbox being a bit on the broken side in some cases. Hopefully this isn’t a widespread issue.. and hopefully Microsoft have some spare hardware lying around for a quick turnaround on the replacements!

That’s gotta be gutting though, you’re one of the first bunch of people with an Xbox One and you’re probably not going to be able to play it until after the second wave goes out!

How about you, did yours work smoothly or were you greeted with the broken disc tray orchestra?

Source: Reddit
Post icon image by Marco Verch

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