Zurker is pretty angry at me. On that note, is Zurker a scam?

I received this delight of an email today out of nowhere from Zurker. I had actually forgotten all about it to be fair, but now I feel like I’ve accidentally become part of a cult.

A newer article on this subject has been posted Return of the Zurker – Scam status confirmed(?)

Update: Post updated. Please see the bottom of the article

Hi Cohan,

The premise behind Zurker has always been that it is a social network
owned by the members who use it.

Emphasis on “use it.”

If you do not use Zurker, you are not entitled to co-own Zurker.

You last came to Zurker 287 days ago. This is unacceptable. If you
continue to refuse to support the project, your vShares will be

It’s been 18+ months since Zurker was launched. During this time, a
huge amount of development has taken place, and the world has shifted
in our favor. The world is as ready for a member-owned, ethically run,
privacy-oriented social network as it will ever be. We must now come
together and support the project with activity and traffic so that we
can make an impact on the media, and claim our rightful destiny as the
world’s next dominant social network.

A large number of members have started zurking regularly and our traffic
profile has improved dramatically, by no less than 130,000 Alexa points
in just a fortnight – but many more continue to be absent. For Zurker to
become successful, we need everyone to show up and support the project.

This includes you, Cohan.

All you need to do is zurk one post a day. This takes less than 1 minute.
I am sure you can spare 1 minute a day to support a project you co-own,
but if this is not possible, you might as well close your account now.

I am confident that enough Zurkers will come together and propel us to
success. But if not, I will not be held liable for the closure of this
project. This is a community-owned, community-driven project. Irrespective
of what I do, the community must come together for this project to go
anywhere. You are an important part of the community, and I am counting on
you to do your part.

Stay blessed.

Nick Oba
Custodian and co-founder of Zurker

Maybe if you quit saying Zurk so often I’ll be able to use the site without being reminded of The Smurfs constantly!

A thought immediately occurs; had I actually *bought* vShares would they also be rescinded? Chill out Zurker, we’re all friends here.

I’ve gone into my account there to see if it’s any better than it was and to avoid the wrath of Nick Oba. The interface is still a bit bland and buggy, half of the links clicked opens in a lightbox-esque modal window which occasionally just doesn’t load anything at all. Then whether it does or not it doesn’t support the standard click outside or Esc key to close… I’ll give you a bit more time, Zurkalots. I’m just not ready for whatever it is you’re selling, unfortunately it doesn’t feel like you’re in a position to provide it yet either. As it stands I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not being there, which for a social network makes or breaks it really.

On a bit of a more real note though, I never did find out what the deal was with Zurker. Any of you folk know at all? It looks somewhat like a Pyramid scheme disguised as a social network for some reason and the site zurkerscam.com doesn’t feel legit either, maybe someone should start a zurkerscamscam.com?

Simply put: Is Zurker a scam? I can’t say for sure I’ll ever be convinced that it’s not. At the very least not until they get a Wikipedia page that doesn’t get instantly deleted for being spam anyway.

On a final note, man these guys hate Facebook!


Having seen some of the response to this posting I thought I should update to clarify some things.

There were other emails sent before this one you didn’t mention

This turns out to be correct, the reason they were not mentioned is because I hadn’t read them — or even seen them!


First thing to get out of the way, posts with red to the left of them aren’t in any way inviting enough to be opened. As I have said before I’m very uncertain on Zurker, why would I be interested if they’re launching things or getting krazy?

(1) One home alert – Someone I don’t know wanting to connect with me

(2) – Finally get something back? Awesome!

Here we had somebody sweating – literally – on behalf of Zurker but
not getting more than a handful of referral credits out of it.

And that’s why I’m proud and excited to announce the Authorized Agent

Finally, more than a year after our beta release, it is possible for
those who bring Zurker funding to earn real money. You can use your
website traffic, your established marketing network, or your own two
feet to spead the word about supporting Zurker with funding. If you do
so, you can get a LOT out of it, because Zurker’s terms are extremely

That is edging even closer to being a pyramid scheme, at very least it’s a distant cousin of the classic pyramid scheme.

(3) – Here’s a free Zen coin. I had no idea what a Zen coin is at the time, and by the time I had read the email it was too late to claim it anyway.

(4) – This was actually me promoting my Zurker referral link a year ago on Facebook. Good times.

(5) – Now this one appears to be the one people are talking about when they say the one referenced at the start of this post was harsh because I didn’t read this one. I had to rescue this one from my spam box. I couldn’t see the second email people and the rescued email were referencing. I can only assume that one got spammed too.

(6) – This is the oddest one, it was someone saying welcome back to Zurker. All I had done at this time was logged in. How did the guy know? I thought Zurker was all over privacy?

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